Some recent examples for provided SOLUTIONS....

  • How do consumers look at bread and in which ways do they consume it?  (Focus Groups)


  • How do travellers prepare themselves for their holiday trips and which anxieties do they have? (Online Research Community)


  • Which are the attitudes of consumers towards plant based instead of dairy products? (Online Focus Groups)


  • What do buyers expect from an industrial pump manufacturer? (Telephone Interviews)


  • Which therapy details could physicians remember from an international online conference they visited? (Video  Interviews)


  • How do oncologists perceive new cancer therapies? (Video Interviews)


  • How should an international car brand best construct its new electric car for the German market? (Online Focus Groups)


  • Which are the opinions of investors about a financial brand and its competitors? (Video Interviews)


  • Which attitudes and mobility needs do Gen Z members have in Germany? (Online Focus Groups)
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